About RealEstatePointe

RealestatePointe ™ has been serving the technology needs of the real estate industry since 2001. We are a group of real estate and technology professionals with diverse backgrounds in all aspects of the industry providing a holistic approach to our clients' web marketing strategies.

A few years ago we recognized that technology business models were in flux and that proprietary software models (developed, sold and supported by a single vendor organization) were under a clear threat from Open Source software solutions. The threat stems not only from the fact that the cost to deliver and maintain proprietary software is much higher, but most importantly, it is because single proprietary vendors can't possibly keep up with the new innovations taking place in the Open Source projects.

So we made the decision to stop developing on our own proprietary platform and began writing real estate modules and IDX data-handling modules for the real estate industry within Drupal’s core content management web publishing platform, the largest Open Source project dedicated to social publishing.  We now provide complete real estate brokerage web marketing solutions for Drupal, including training, support, maintenance, social media marketing, and consulting.

Drupal represents the convergence of web content management software and social software tools in a single unified platform. It presents a far more attractive total cost profile and delivers new functionality more quickly than proprietary vendors by cultivating a large, active development community.

Since Drupal is based on completely standard web technologies, the supply of skills is vastly greater and the cost considerably lower than with proprietary systems. Even more significant is the fact that the cost of keeping pace with the momentum behind the Drupal community is mind boggling. Proprietary software vendors just can't keep up with the mounting changes, and given their fixed pool of technical resources, the challenges become overwhelming for most.

In the meantime, the Drupal platform presses on, the developer community grows, the quality of the platform improves and the community of professionals dedicated to the platform's success expands.  Among the nearly half-million Drupal sites are some of the best-known business brands including Adobe, FoxIntuit, Mattel, Sony Music, The Economist, and The Whitehouse.  Drupal has achieved critical mass illustrated by its over 600,000 members of Drupal.org; over 250,000 downloads per month; and millions of active, live web sites built on Drupal; and thousands of Drupal modules available to Drupal developers.

Our decision to adopt an Open-Source business model and our move to the Drupal platform has been a very wise decision for our company and for all our customers.  The Drupal platform allows us to focus our energy on creating the best possible website marketing solutions for real estate brokerages using the most progressive, relevant, and search engine friendly technology and software available today at a cost to our clients of about half of what would have cost just a few years ago.  And, because the design is separate from the core development, the timeline is also shortened because we can now work on these elements concurrently.

We stay in tune with real estate thought leaders, trends and economic conditions affecting the real estate industry, listen to our broker clients and users and combine what we learn with our knowledge of web usability and architecture. Our primary concern is that your real estate website is found and that it has all the right features and tools to encourage a steady flow of leads.  We consult with you to determine what is important for your business now and in the future, and design a solution based on your individual needs and budget.

RealestatePointe is located in Northeast Ohio. We have customers all across the United States including in the U.S Virgin Islands.



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