Real Estate Goes Open Source . . . Ready?

Are you blogging? Are you connecting and conversing with people on the social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or others? Do you want to control content on your website so you can make your own text changes, place videos, post your company activities and news, create new pages and topics, place links and create back links, even change some design elements on your own?  Want to send your listings to Facebook, and your other social networks with one click while creating back links to your website for great in-bound marketing?

If you answered yes to these questions then you’re ready for newer technology! 

Unless you are a complete geek and data expert, and an experienced web developer, you will need to hire a professional real estate web developer (hopefully us) to create the website with the design elements, original content, all the features, the IDX integration, and all the ways the data interactions take place. Then you will need training so you learn how to begin adding your own content.

If you can commit to some extra time for developing good relevant content on your own, or you have a staffer that can take this on, you won’t need to pay a professional to continue to do everything for you after delivery. As your company grows and changes you can keep your website completely up to date on your own, except for adding additional MLS IDX feeds, completely new features, or other complicated techie things.

Why would you want to do this? (1) Because doing these things will make a significant difference in the ability for consumers to find you on the web . . . significant! (2) Consumers crave information and the more relevant information you provide them the more often they will come back for a fix, (3) You will have much more control over your image.  You can become a resource for community information and events and even a community blog if you can handle it. There are so many possibilities!

Looking into the future you won't need to scrap your old website every few years and start over. These websites are not as disposable as a site built on a developer's proprietary platform.  An Open Source website will grow and change right along with you.  The design/look of the site and the content of the site are separate, so let's say your franchise expires and you need to change the whole design of your website . . . fine . . . all your content is not affected by the design . . . what a great way to build a platform.  A Website for life!

We’re not newbies to the website business by any means. The RealestatePointe geeks are some of the original IDX data specialists, and have been making broker websites, as well as providing office management and leads management systems to the real estate industry for over 10 years.

We’ve been through all the different technology developments that have altered how real estate brokers market themselves on the Internet. The movement to Open Source is the logical future for our industry.  You can make the decision to break the cycle of starting from scratch every few years.  Make this the last new website you ever build.  Start now to build a web marketing presence that will grow and change with you for the life of your business.

Contact Us with your questions, or to arrange for a web demo.


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