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Shop Your Own Website . . . How Do You Look?

Take a moment now to "be a customer" on your own website. Search for properties, use the tools, and interact with your company as a buyer and seller would. Think of a specific customer profile and search like you believe that customer would.  How about as an agent looking to join your team . . . would your company website encourage that agent to contact you?

Then shop on a couple of your competitor's websites and compare the experience.

How do you feel?  If it's not so great . . . or worse . . . please Contact Us to learn how upgrading your website can be a relatively painless and cost effective way to improve your business now.

Contact us.  We're experts in all phases of the real estate business.  You will consult directly with a veteran real estate broker with the knowledge and experience to put the best possible plan together to meet your specific needs and your budget limitations.

Are You Ready for Business? . . . Remove Those Accessibility Barriers!

Successful real estate brokers know how important it is to remove barriers for their online customers.  Anything that disrupts the user experience can result in frustration, distrust and possibly site abandonment.

The challenge is creating a Web presence that is accessible for every audience member and user type.  Good news . . . it's very achievable.

How to Achieve The Best Results From Each Blog Post

Every real estate brokerage business should have a blog on their company website.  If you want to attract more traffic to your website, generate more leads and sell more properties, then you need to be blogging.  

Posting articles to your blog and sharing the links to your social media followers are a very important part of your content marketing strategy. Why?  

First, because each blog post is indexed by the search engines giving you an opportunity to appear in search results and be found by your target audience.  

Second, when you share your blog post links on your social media sites, and a user clicks on your post to read it, they are linked back to your website to read the post.  

Third, if your blog post is interesting, others will share it with their connections, which will help you grow your influence and exposure.  

Your goal is to attract, inform and engage your audience, endear them to your company, and convert them to a lead or someone who will refer your services to their friends and family.  A well-designed content marketing strategy will help you get in front of more people who can benefit from your services.

To achieve the best results from each blog post it’s important to embrace these 5 broad concepts: 

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