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Looking for FREE and Low-Cost Photos for Your Blog Posts?

We create a lot of content for our client's websites . . . community pages, buyer and seller resources, pages all about the company, etc.  We also blog and post to social media accounts for several of our clients.  So, it is an important part of our business to be able to find good images to use royalty-free for a small cost, and even for free. 

If you're blogging, remember that "a picture's worth 1,000 words" and use images in your blog posts.  One image is good for short posts, and for longer posts, you should break up the text with additional images.

Coolest New Real Estate Website in Columbiana County

Check out Pat Gallagher Realty's new website . . . which is now the coolest real estate website in Columbiana County.  We just switched it live this afternoon.

They can now start blogging and sharing their blog posts and their listings to social media.  We will teach them blogging best practices and help them set up new social media accounts for their company.  

Their website is optimized for specific communities where they do most of their business, and those communities are listed on the home page as well as in the 'Communities' menu.  When a user clicks on one of the communities, they can read a short community profile and also view properties for sale in that community.

Gallagher also represents a new home development, Firestone Farms, in Columbiana, and has a real nice presentation with lots of photos and documents to help buyers learn about the area and find available properties.

Of course, they have all the great features, tools and resources that are built into all RealestatePointe websites.  Their new web presence with it's SEO enhanced platform will surely bring them lots of new business. 

SEO Goals for Real Estate Websites

Google's message, as well as the focus of their efforts to produce better search experiences for users, is constant and uniform.  There is no doubt that building relevant websites with compelling and high-quality content is the key to high search rankings now and in the future.

What does that mean for your real estate website?  What should you be doing now and in the future?  The good news is . . . what you need now is the same thing you will need in the future.  Google has made it clear to webmasters that building websites with high-quality content that is relevant to users is a constant that will not change.  All other 'tactics' will become less and less effective over time.

What makes a real estate website relevant, compelling, and high-quality?  What establishes your website as an authority? 

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