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New Responsive Real Estate Website for Central PA Broker

Brownstone Real Estate's new website is now live! 

They have a new modern responsive design that delivers an excellent user experience from any device.  Mobile-First Responsive Design responds to the user's screen size, so no matter the device, whether available now or in the future, responsive technology handles it beautifully.

Check out their new site by clicking on the image in this post showing what their site looks like on a large screen, tablet and smart phone. 

New Website for Helen Scott Custom Builders in Ohio

Helen Scott Custom Builders, Inc. in Northeast Ohio recently went live with their new mobile-ready website.  And, the timing was impeccable because Scott Strayer, President, was just voted as "Builder of the Year" by his member peers of the Summit Portage Home Builders Association. 

The new website allows Helen Scott Custom Builders to show off some of their quality work in photo galleries, provide lot and development availability, features, and extra documents with plat maps and restrictions, and a wealth of other information about the building process . . . and it's built with responsive mobile-first technology so that users can have a great experience on any mobile device.

SEO is About Content & Social

Over the years search engine optimization was mostly about knowing the 'tricks of the trade' and having the right tags and keywords on the page.  Things are quickly changing!  Of course, the on-page SEO techniques are still important, but there is a major shift happening spurred on by innovations from the search engines. 

Good search engine optimization will move further and further away from the on-page techniques and will primarily focus on creating good original content that is socially consumed and shared. 

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