Domain Names for Real Estate

An important aspect of your web marketing strategy is the domain name that you choose for your main web site, and the sub sites you will be using in your broad marketing effort. When choosing a domain name you should keep in mind the purpose of the site, the keywords that are likely to be entered to find the site, and the geography of your business. I say the geography because as you know in real estate, it's all about location.

Here are some of the guidelines that we follow:

Real Estate Goes Open Source . . . Ready?

Are you blogging? Are you connecting and conversing with people on the social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or others? Do you want to control content on your website so you can make your own text changes, place videos, post your company activities and news, create new pages and topics, place links and create back links, even change some design elements on your own?  Want to send your listings to Facebook, and your other social networks with one click while creating back links to your website for great in-bound marketing?

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