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Crippled by the Fear of Blogger's Blunder?

You know you should be blogging . . . and you have a blog right on your website . . . and the last post was made 3 months ago.  Yikes!  Are you overcome by the fear of blogging blunder?  Are you afraid you're going to say something to embarrass yourself?

You are not alone.  There are so many people out there who have good intentions, and can help others with their knowledge and experience, but they are very hesitant to blog because they are afraid of making a mistake.

Who among us does not make mistakes every day?  Really?  The pursuit of perfection is not a worthy goal . . . I never knew an interesting person that was perfect, or even close to it.

Just start blogging, and you'll get comfortable with the fact that you are not perfect and that there are people out there who will criticize you.  Hey, they are going to criticize you whether you blog or not, so you might as well get yourself out there in front of the people you want to do business with.  

Here are some ideas for a real estate professional to blog about:

Looking for FREE and Low-Cost Photos for Your Blog Posts?

We create a lot of content for our client's websites . . . community pages, buyer and seller resources, pages all about the company, etc.  We also blog and post to social media accounts for several of our clients.  So, it is an important part of our business to be able to find good images to use royalty-free for a small cost, and even for free. 

If you're blogging, remember that "a picture's worth 1,000 words" and use images in your blog posts.  One image is good for short posts, and for longer posts, you should break up the text with additional images.

Real Estate Broker Blogging Basics . . . 3 Easy Steps

OK . . . now that you are enjoying the benefits of a new RealestatePointe-built-on-Drupal website and are blogging right on your website, here are a few very basic rules to follow. 

Why is blogging important?  Well, according to recent research conducted by Hubspot, business-to-consumer companies that blog get 88% more leads per month than those that don't.  There are lots of other really important things you should know, but that should be enough to motivate you to get going!

3 Easy Steps to Blogging

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