Mobile-First Responsive Design

Responsive Design for Real Estate Websites

What is responsive design? 

It is the answer to the problem . . . how do we create websites that work well and provide the best user experience across the exploding number of devices people use to access the Internet.

It boils down to using three basic techniques to allow websites to adapt to different viewport widths:

  • A fluid grid that allows regions of the website to be repositioned by priority depending on the user's screen size
  • Flexible images that shrink or grow to fit the user's device
  • Media queries allowing inspection of the physical characteristics of the device rendering the website

Instead of creating separate content for specific devices, these techniques allow you to deliver the same content to all users, but to change its presentation to maximize a user's experience based on the capabilities of the device being used.

Responsive design, although still considered a new trend when we started doing it back in 2012, is now the standard in progressive web development.

Check your website analytics . . . you will see that a significant number of users are accessing your website with a variety of smart phones and tablet devices.  Based on what we see with our real estate customer websites, mobile usage is around 60-65% of all usage. 

If you are contemplating building a new website . . . and you have a limited budget, a responsive design is the way to go.

Google Gives SEO Preference to Mobile-Enabled Sites

Did you know that Google is changing the way it serves up results to mobile users?  It will now give SEO preference to mobile sites and tag them so users don't waste their time clicking on websites that are not mobile compatible.  This alone can be a real Game Changer for companies that do not have mobile-enabled websites!  And . . . it is a great opportunity to move up in the rankings for those mobile-enabled sites.

The Google Analytics statistics for our real estate brokerage clients around the country for the past 30 days show mobile usage on their websites range from a minimum of 21% to a maximum of 42% . . . so at the very least you can be assured that approximately one-fifth to one-fourth of the users on your website are using some mobile device.   If you don't have a mobile-enabled website, you are probably losing the vast majority of those visitors and potential leads.

We're sure you understand the importance of adopting a mobile strategy for your web marketing . . . but where to start?

Mobile Friendly Real Estate Websites

With mobile browsing expected to outpace desktop by 2013-2014, your mobile marketing strategy is an essential element and one of the most important factors to consider when creating a new real estate website design.

Don't lose potential leads due to a poor mobile experience!  

Monitoring our own clients' websites spanning the U.S., we are seeing that no matter the location, whether a major metro area or a rural Midwest small town, 20-30% of the website visitors are using various mobile devices ​to access our real estate broker clients' websites.

'Responsive Web Design' is a flexible design that adapts to the user's screen size and provides the user with the optimal experience on your website whether they are on a large screen, 4.5in mobile device, 9.5in tablet, or any size in between.

Before responsive design, multiple design variations of a single site (iphone, ipad, andriod, desktop, etc) would be developed to accommodate different mobile devices.  New mobile and tablet devices are released every year.  Creating an optimal design for every new device becomes very expensive and practically impossible.  The responsive design approach only requires one site as it responds based on the user's browsing environment (screen size, platform, orientation).  This saves time and money, and it is future proof! 

Building a responsive design used to be very expensive because of all the programming involved in setting it up.  However, we are now able to offer 'Responsive Design' real estate websites at a reasonable price because the talented programmers working in the Drupal environment have created the responsive programming that we can use as a base to build your custom responsive real estate website design.  You can now have what only the largest companies with the deepest marketing pockets could have.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss responsive design as well as as all the other essential elements of a well-designed, effective real estate website . . . one that will get you found . . . generate leads . . . and take you into the future.  



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