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Professional Custom Real Estate Websites with IDX Integration, Responsive Design & Search Engine Friendly URL's

Custom Real Estate Brokerage Websites built with mobile-first responsive design technology on search engine optimized platform. MLS IDX data is completely integrated into your website database so that thousands of properties are fully searchable providing the most flexible search options and the best possible search engine optimization.

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Are You Ready for Business? . . . Remove Those Accessibility Barriers!

Successful real estate brokers know how important it is to remove barriers for their online customers.  Anything that disrupts the user experience can result in frustration, distrust and possibly site abandonment.

The challenge is creating a Web presence that is accessible for every audience member and user type.  Good news . . . it's very achievable.

Real Estate Brokerage Websites Overview

Broker Websites are built using the robust open-source content management system called Drupal. Drupal is supported by over 100,000 programmers worldwide and is continually improved and enhanced by its active community of developer supporters. RealestatePointe adopted the Drupal platform in 2009 and built customized modules for the specific technology needs of the real estate industry.
Websites are built so that the content and design are separate. Designs can be changed and the content remains the same. The Website can grow and change along with your business; changes that can be made by you, by RealestatePointe, or by any one of the 100,000+ Drupal programmers around the world. You own your own website. This means that you are not locked into a proprietary system of the web developer that may not keep up with your technology needs now or in the future.
RealestatePointe sets up and customizes the Website, integrates MLS IDX data, adds and develops the original content, creates the features important to your business and trains you and your staff to add and edit your own content. Then RealestatePointe manages the MLS IDX data feeds and updates, hosts the website in a secure data center, and provides ongoing training and troubleshooting support.
We also offer content development, blogging, and social media management services for our customers.
Click here to learn more about Drupal and the community of developers that support the Drupal open source content management system. 

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