Real Estate Website Features

Real Estate Website Features


Websites are built using a robust open-source content management system called Drupal, a system supported by over 100,000 programmers worldwide that is continually improved and enhanced by its active community of developer supporters. RealestatePointe adopted the Drupal platform and the Open Source Business Model in 2010 and developed customizable modules for the specific technology needs of the real estate industry.

Websites are built so that the content and design are separate. The design can be changed anytime without affecting all your important content.  Your website can grow and change as your business evolves without ever having to start over from scratch again.  You own your own website, which is the way it should be.  This means you are not locked into a proprietary system of the web developer that may not keep up with the ever-changing technology needs now or in the future.

RealestatePointe configures and customizes your Website, integrates the MLS IDX data, adds and develops the original content, creates the specialty searches and features important to your business and trains you to add and edit your own content. Then RealestatePointe manages the MLS IDX data feeds and updates, hosts the website in a secure data center, and provides ongoing training, consulting and technical support.  

Content Management

Content on the website is flexible and able to be changed by you. Pages can be added, edited, or moved. You can place your own promotions, pages, blogs, videos, links, and vendor ads. A system to monitor and report on ad results is included. The version control system tracks details of content updates including who changed it, what was changed, the date and time, and enables roll-back of content to an earlier version.

Company Blog

The company blog can be open for collaboration among several company users based on security/permission levels. Articles, stories and blogs may be open for user comments to engage potential customers in conversation with full discussion forum features built into the Website.

Property Searches
MLS IDX data is fully integrated into the website making all content searchable with Keyword Search. A specific keyword(s) search will produce a result set including all properties containing the keyword(s) in their features or remarks as well as all blog posts, articles, and text on any pages containing the keyword(s).

Dynamically created property views allow for specialty searches on identified property feature fields such as Waterfront, Commercial, Foreclosures, Rentals, One-Story, Open Houses, Company In-House Listings, Horse Farms, Properties with Acreage, Specific Communities, or for any niche markets specific to you.

Quick Search, Advanced Search Options and Lifestyle Specialty Searches all available for user search preferences.

Featured Properties may be displayed on the Home Page as scrolling photos according to the specific criteria set by you with click-thrus to Property Details pages.

Custom Property Search

Users may register to be a member of the website and have the ability to save custom searches, save favorite homes, and receive notifications when new properties are listed that meet their search criteria. 

Social Media & RSS Feeds

Links to social media profiles and external blogs may be added. Users may subscribe to RSS feeds from the Broker Website. Websites also have a built-in News Aggregator for reading and blogging news from other sites.  And you as well as the general public can share all content and all property details with one click to your social media pages.

Search Engine Optimization

Websites are optimized for keywords based on an analysis of keywords in your marketplace and are programmed to be indexed correctly by search engines. Content is fully indexed and searchable at all times.

URL re-writing is provided as a way to label pages in an easy human and search engine spider friendly way. Listing detail pages have a preset URL based on the address of the property. Pages that are added by you have a field in which a custom URL for the page may be added, or the default to the keywords in the title may be used.

You are encouraged to continue to add relevant content to the Website. This consistent content creation activity will build search engine placement to be stronger and more effective over time.

Administration & Analysis

Browser-based reports can be printed with information about referrals, content popularity and how visitors navigate the Website. All important activities and system events are captured in an event log to be reviewed by an administrator at a later time. Administration can be done entirely using a web browser, making it possible to access it from anywhere.

Property Display Pages

Detailed Property Display Pages provide all allowable MLS IDX fields, all photos, videos, and virtual tours. A map locating the property and a form to request additional information is located on the page, and if an Open House is scheduled that information is displayed.

Leads Management

Leads management systems assist in routing and managing leads from the Website. You can choose to have leads assigned in a round-robin system, have them automatically assigned activity plans based on your business rules, or any number of ways.  If you already has a system to manage leads, your leads can be sent to your existing system.


Additional Website Features

Mobile First Responsive Design*

Users accessing the Website with any mobile device are provided with a user interface that is optimized for mobile browsers, greatly enhancing the user experience.  This is not a separate mobile app or a separate theme for mobile devices and nothing needs to be downloaded by the user.  This is a 'responsive' theme that adjusts itself to any size screen of the user, including all types of phones, readers, I-Pads, and devices that have not yet been invented. 

Responsive design is a web development technology which utilizes one set of code to display content effectively across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and phones. A website built with responsive design technology will scale to whatever device people are using based on screen size and platform, eliminating the need to have different websites in desktop and mobile versions.

There is added cost associated with developing the 'responsive' design/theme up front, but no additional cost for any separate theme or app is involved.  Request a demo of a responsive theme for full explanation.

Single Property Websites*

For greater exposure and enhanced SEO, separate websites may be automatically generated for all of your in-house listings.  Hundreds of mini-sites out on the internet driving traffic back to the main website is one great in-bound marketing strategy.

Agent Websites with Broker Website*

Agents may have their own Websites that have the majority of the features of the Broker Website.  As long as the MLS rules allow agents to have IDX on their websites, agents can have a full-featured IDX integrated website where they can blog and add and edit their own content and promote their listings and blogs via their social media with one click.

Company/Agent Resource Center*

Agent logins provide access to private company communication tools such as:

  •  Company News         
  • Document Library         
  • Event Calendars
  • Office Rosters          
  • Agent Tools

Virtual Office Website (VOW)*

Users may register to be a member of the VOW and gain access to expanded information such as sold listings, price change histories and days on market for all properties. The VOW membership system meets NAR specifications for compliance with the majority of MLS systems nationwide.

Role-based permissions allow information to be shown or hidden based upon the user’s login. This enables a high level of control and security over the content in the website.

Language Translation Module*

Language translation modules are available which translate most text on the website to the selected languages.

E-Commerce Module*

The Drupal version of E-Commerce called UberCart is integrated with your website to allow for a seamless connection to your users throughout the shopping process. With full shopping cart functionality you can sell products, charge for access to premium content, offer paid file downloads, and much more, all while maintaining a seamless connection to your users. 

*Additional features may be added at any time. 


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