Display Listing Videos on Property Details Pages

How should listing videos be taken and promoted?  Here are our thoughts.  We're not big proponents of the collections of moving photos that are touted as videos . . . especially if they are the same photos that are already on the website. The idea is to give the prospective buyer a new perspective and highlight the home's best selling features.  Of course, if your franchise is posting the 'pseudo-videos' on YouTube for you . . . go for it . . . it's another place your listing can be found, and that can't be bad.

Before you visit your listing to take the video, make sure you know how to use your video camera (practice) and its features so that you can pause while you're making your way from one area to another.  Present the home as if a potential buyer is with you.  Don't worry about it not being perfect or professionally produced . . . interested buyers will be happy to see the home from another perspective, and your seller will appreciate the extra marketing.

To start the video, go to the end of the driveway and then walk toward the front door, look to the left and to the right so the prospective buyer can see what the neighborhood looks like.  Describe what you're seeing and some of the benefits of living in the neighborhood.  If it's a scenic property, be sure to take in the beauty and talk about what it's like being there.

Then head to the front door (make sure it has been opened ahead of time) and enter the home.  Don't feel like you have to show every single little room, bathroom, basement, etc.   What you should be showing is the main living areas and any areas you feel are great selling features of the property.  If you try to show everything, it gets boring, choppy, and you end up not really doing the property any justice.

After you've presented the interior areas you should head for the deck or back patio and showcase the back yard.

When you're done filming, thank the viewers for watching the video and invite them to contact you for a personal showing.

Upload the video to YouTube . . . make sure to properly title the post so it can be found . . . and then copy and paste the URL of the YouTube post to your website, match it up with your listing, and here's what you get (assuming you have a website powered by RealestatePointe and Drupal).  See the tabs at the top of the photo area on the website . . . choices are PHOTOS, VIDEO, VIRTUAL TOUR.  If the property has a video these tabs will appear and the user will find your property videos as they shop for properties on your website.  They can also find them on YouTube . . . win . . . win!


Not hard at all!  You should be posting videos of all your listings.  Even if the property is not spectacular like the example, most homes have at least a few endearing qualities that can be highlighted . . . and the extra promotion just may get it found and get it sold!


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