Does Your Real Estate Website Meet Google's Quality Content Standards?

I'm sure you're aware that several months ago Google made its largest algorithm overhaul in over 10 years, Hummingbird, an overhaul that affects 90% of websites.  Google revamped its search formula to better support conversational search (with the increase of spoken mobile search), increased the accuracy for long-tail search queries, and put a greater emphasis on the Knowledge Graph.

Google makes it very clear that they make changes to their algorithm (hundreds of them per year) with the same goal in mind . . . to provide the end-user with high quality content that is most relevant to their search query.  

So what do you need to do to ensure your company's website does not become irrelevant?  . . . stay focused on quality content generation . . . focusing on frequency, freshness and uniqueness.

When your website's content changes frequently it encourages Google to crawl your site more often.  Lucky for real estate websites, the opportunity is there to update the data often.  Make sure you are:

  • Posting new listings to your home page that update several times per day.  This is a way to ensure you're posting new, relevant, fresh content several times per day without having to do anything.
  • Blogging on your website, with blog posts displaying on your home page, with unique content and some regularity.

It is also very important to keep your information pages up to date with fresh new insights.  Revise them when things change.  Your website is your most important marketing tool . . . and you need to treat it that way.

Your content should be unique to your company and your website.  There is no shortcut to unique content . . . it must be written . . . by you, someone on your staff, or an industry expert that specializes in creating content unique to real estate and your geography.  That's not to say that you can't share engaging content that someone else wrote . . . you should do this when inspired . . . but you also need to be establishing yourself and your company as experts, and that takes some original thought.

Bottom line:  Focus on generating high-quality content that is unique and engaging.  This strategy aligns with Google's goals now and in the future.   

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