Real Estate Broker Blogging Basics . . . 3 Easy Steps

OK . . . now that you are enjoying the benefits of a new RealestatePointe-built-on-Drupal website and are blogging right on your website, here are a few very basic rules to follow. 

Why is blogging important?  Well, according to recent research conducted by Hubspot, business-to-consumer companies that blog get 88% more leads per month than those that don't.  There are lots of other really important things you should know, but that should be enough to motivate you to get going!

3 Easy Steps to Blogging

1.  Give your blog article a title that has keywords in it that you are targeting for your business -- homes/real estate/your geographic location -- keywords that consumers may use to find things related to your business.  Make sure the title reflects what your blog article is about and is not misleading.

2.  Write your blog.  What to write about?  We'll cover that in more depth in other Blogging Best Practice posts, but you can start with a bit of real estate news, an event going on in your marketplace, an answer to a problem buyers and sellers face, etc.  Hint! See the little blue icons with a 'b' on them right next to each news heading in your Daily Real Estate News rss feed?...just click on one and you can share that news bit as a blog and add a few of your own comments.

3.  Once you publish your blog, then use the 'Share This' tool on your blog post to send it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and your other social media platforms.  A couple of clicks and you've created a large potential audience, who may in turn re-post your blog on their social media sites . . . all of these people coming back to your website to read the post.  Beautiful!

How often should you be blogging and promoting your blogs to your social media sites?  Well, we know you're busy, and your staff is busy, but in order to take advantage of the powerful Drupal platform, the creation of back-links, and all the benefits of being seen all over the place . . . we think at least once or twice a week you should be sharing your brilliance with the world.

As always Contact Us anytime you have questions.  We are dedicated to your success.  Happy Blogging!

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