Real Estate Website Development Process

Because we build custom solutions based on each company's unique needs, the process may vary from project to project. Our process of managing a project falls within these basic guidelines.

First we ask you to acquire an IDX or VOW agreement from your MLS(s) and get all the required signatures.  Once the MLS executes the agreement they will give us access to the data so we can begin our work. 

In the meantime we set up a core website instance on our development servers for your company.

Once we get access to your data (time varies per MLS) our data integration specialist begins the process of mapping each field of data to match your website database for a smooth integration.

An online meeting is scheduled with you to make decisions about design preferences, layout preferences, coverage areas, specialty searches, and a number of other important elements of the website. 

Then we create a home page layout drawing for your approval, and give you a list of items we will need from you such as agent photos, agent information, office photos, community photos, your specific marketing materials, etc. that we need in order to build the content for your website.

Once approved, the design team begins creating the design and configuring all the theme elements. 

The programming team works in concert with the design team to build exceptions to our base code and any features specific to your company that are not in our base code.

At the same time the content for your site is being developed.  We customize the content for your company and for your service areas.  We research your schools and community, create SEO friendly content with links, videos, and other sources, and use your specific keywords to enhance your search engine placement.  We also create a 'welcome' blog to get you started.

We input all your agents and offices, create news rss feeds, and specific content related to your market.

When all the data is integrated, the design team has applied the theme, and the content is created, we meticulously walk through each function of your site to ensure all are working properly and proofread all content.  At this time we make a punch-list of items that need to be done and assign them to the appropriate parties.

Once the punch-list is completed, the SEO specialist goes through the SEO checklist and ensures your website is ready for optimum indexing by the search engines.  SEO reports are set up, tags are checked, and Google analytics are enabled.

When we are nearly ready to go 'live' we give you a link to your website in our development environment so you can review it thoroughly and request any changes or additions prior to publication. 

It's also time to schedule a training session to learn how to begin managing your new website.  We will schedule as many sessions as you need in order to feel comfortable using the administrative tools.  Most people catch on very quickly as the tools are built in a very user-friendly and logical manner.

Our relationship does not end here.  We host your website in a secure data center in Youngstown, Ohio, and maintain your IDX or VOW data for continual updates.  We continue to monitor your website periodically to see how you are doing, give you suggestions of how you can improve your SEO, blogging and social media, and consider ourselves your web marketing partner. 

You can add additional features and change design elements at any time.  Your new website is made to grow with your company for the lifetime of your business.  And, as we make enhancements to our core platform, those enhancements are shared with all RealestatePointe clients!

We are available any time for consultation, additional training, questions, and technical support.


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