Responsive Design for Real Estate Websites

What is responsive design? 

It is the answer to the problem . . . how do we create websites that work well and provide the best user experience across the exploding number of devices people use to access the Internet.

It boils down to using three basic techniques to allow websites to adapt to different viewport widths:

  • A fluid grid that allows regions of the website to be repositioned by priority depending on the user's screen size
  • Flexible images that shrink or grow to fit the user's device
  • Media queries allowing inspection of the physical characteristics of the device rendering the website

Instead of creating separate content for specific devices, these techniques allow you to deliver the same content to all users, but to change its presentation to maximize a user's experience based on the capabilities of the device being used.

Responsive design, although still considered a new trend, is quickly moving toward the standard in progressive web development.

Check your website analytics . . . you will see that a significant number of users are accessing your website with a variety of smart phones and tablet devices.  Moving forward, this number will get even larger, and it will become increasingly important to give all users an optimized experience on their device no matter what it is.

If you are contemplating building a new website . . . a responsive design is the way to go.

View our featured Live Responsive Design Real Estate Brokerage Site on your computer monitor, mobile phone and tablet.




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