SEO Goals for Real Estate Websites

Google's message, as well as the focus of their efforts to produce better search experiences for users, is constant and uniform.  There is no doubt that building relevant websites with compelling and high-quality content is the key to high search rankings now and in the future.

What does that mean for your real estate website?  What should you be doing now and in the future?  The good news is . . . what you need now is the same thing you will need in the future.  Google has made it clear to webmasters that building websites with high-quality content that is relevant to users is a constant that will not change.  All other 'tactics' will become less and less effective over time.

What makes a real estate website relevant, compelling, and high-quality?  What establishes your website as an authority? 

  • Thousands of properties for sale in your own website database . . . not linking to an outside service for the property search.  The property data is by far the most important part of a real estate website.  It should be fully integrated into your own database in order for your website to become an authority.  Using a framed solution or an outside IDX provider will not get you credit for having thousands of properties on your website.
  • URL's with complete property addresses for every piece of property so users can find you when searching property addresses and search engines can read and categorize all your content.
  • Relevant blog posts on your site about real estate in your service areas that are published with regularity and shared with social media.  Then when a user clicks on your post to read further they are directed to your own website.  
  • New information on your site several times daily, dated and time-stamped.  New and updated listing content that is part of your website database gives your real estate website fresh content periodically throughout the day without anyone having to do anything.  Nice!

And, of course a solid CMS (content management system) that is built to continually enhance your relevance and that allows search engines to fully search all your site's content.





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