Start Using These 4 Facebook Business Page Features Now

Facebook has become a necessary and valuable part of a sound web marketing strategy.  You should (at minimum) have a Facebook Business Page that is set up in an optimal way, and you should be sharing your blog posts (linking users to your website), as well as posting interesting, helpful and fun real estate related content to your Page.  You should also be interacting with your Friends and Fans by Liking, Sharing and Commenting on their posts . . . being 'social'.

Here are a few not-so-well-known features of Facebook that you should learn about and start using.

1. Set Up The Call-to-Action Button
The Call-to-Action button is located on the cover photo section of your page (see image). The current choices are Shop Now, Sign Up, Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game and Watch Video.  Click on the CTA button and follow the instructions.  Most real estate brokerages use the 'Contact Us' feature to direct users to their website.

2.  Create Posts At Your Convenience and Schedule For a Specific Time
If you are not using a tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to help manage your social media marketing, then be aware that you DO have the ability to schedule and backdate posts directly on Facebook. You can write several posts at a time that is convenient to you and then schedule their post times for the times when you will get the most engagement.  Instead of selecting “Post” after creating a status update, simply click the arrow next to the “Post” button to view a dropdown menu (see image) that provides you with the option to schedule a post, backdate a post or save a draft of the post. 

3.  Make Sure the 'Similar Page Suggestions' Option is Turned On
To increase organic reach, make sure this option is turned on. You will find it in the 'General' tab under the 'Settings' menu.  By having this option turned on, the Page will be featured when Facebook recommends similar Pages that people might like on a timeline.

4.  Display Featured Likes and Featured Page Owners

Pages have the ability to Like other Pages in Facebook, and these Likes are then displayed on the Page. The 'Featured Likes' option enables you to choose which Page likes are rotated on your Page, with up to five being shown at a time. This can be especially useful if you have business partners or sister companies, as you can choose to display those specific Pages under your featured likes section to boost visibility.  You will find the 'Featured' tab under the 'Settings' menu.

You can also use the 'Featured' tab to highlight Page Owners. In doing so, the Page will feature the selected Page Owner and will display that person’s personal information. The Page will be shown on the Owner’s personal profile as well.  A must do for individual agents with a business page.

There are many more tools and resources on Facebook for business pages.  Click on the 'Insights' link on your Page to:

  • monitor the performance of competitors compared to your Page
  • check to see when your fans are on line to determine the best days and times of day to post content
  • monitor the success of different post types based on average reach and engagement
  • and many other useful snippets of information.

Once you've mastered the business tools in Facebook, remember to keep checking for new features, because they are adding them constantly.


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