There is NO Quick & Dirty Way to Write Good Content

Looking for the 'easy money', the 'quick fix', the 'silver bullet' . . . well here's the 'down and dirty' . . . there is NO quick and easy way to create good, effective, compelling content for your website, your blog posts and your social media posts.  You have to put in the time and effort, and share your knowledge and experience with others.

We have seen so many 'generic' posts on real estate Facebook pages.  Brokers hired someone unconnected to their company and their communities to populate their social media with content that is NOT original and simply a reposting of real estate news sites, NAR Magazine, and others.  And, whether they realize it or not, these companies are posting the same exact thing to all their customer's social media sites.  How effective do you think that is?

Your website content pages, blog posts, and social media posts should be (1) ORIGINAL, (2) RELEVANT TO THE COMMUNITIES THAT YOU SERVE, and (3) RELEVANT TO REAL ESTATE to be as effective as possible.  

Think about it.  In order to build your credibility with your users, your community and also with the search engines, you need to be doing more than just cluttering up the internet with a bunch of unoriginal duplicate information.  Where's the sincerity in that?

Don't look for the 'quick fix'.  Just work at consistently building your company's reputation and online credibility one piece of original content at a time.

And remember, More is not Better.


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