What We Need From You

In order to create the best possible web marketing presence for your new website, we will request the following information from you.  Because there are photos and other large files to share, we first ask you to set up a DropBox account (free at www.dropbox.com) and share that account with us so we can easily access all your information.  These are the typical items we will need from every client, although there may be more items based on the scope of the project.

  • IDX or VOW Agreement signed by all parties
  • Agent Information -- we provide you with a spreadsheet to complete with the required fields
  • Agent Photos -- we ask for large files and resize them to fit your website gallery display
  • Office Photos
  • Community Photos
  • Specific Marketing Materials you want to use
  • Logo Graphic
  • Links to YouTube videos and other places where we will get your content

Typical development questions we need answered ahead of time are:

  • Areas to Include in Searches
  • Specialty & Lifestyle Searches
  • Default Searches
  • Design & Layout Preferences
  • Leads distribution

These are basic guidelines and vary from project to project.  The better the information and materials you share with us, the better the final outcome will be.


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