Is Your Blog Helping Your Website's SEO?

Can blogging help with SEO?  Definitely, but you need to blog with a plan. Simply writing a blog post on your site won't do much if you don't have a strategy in place to promote your blogs, earn social engagement and shares, and inbound links.

Most brokers and agents have heard of the potential SEO benefits of including a blog on their websites and updating it regularly, but most don't understand why.  Why Do Blogs Help SEO?  

Whenever you add a blog post to your website, you are creating another page on your site.  As with any page on your website:

  • Attracting inbound links will improve the authority of that page, which is achieved by sharing your blog posts on your social media sites.  When a user clicks on the link to read the social media post, they are linked to your website to read the entire post.  These are your inbound links.
  • If your post is interesting, is well written, and informative, then it may be shared by others, moving around the social media circles, creating more inbound links.  You get the picture.
  • Within your blog posts you should also be creating internal links (links to other pages in your website).  These internal links will improve the authority of other pages on your website as well.
  • Each new blog post gives you another keyword or topic that you could possibly rank for as well as another avenue to feed links to your website.

Contrary to popular belief, blogging less and spending more time writing quality posts and promoting each post can be more effective than blogging more often.  See the exhaustive results of a recent study on social media results for the real estate industry.  (See . . . this is an example of an internal link because this link is to another blog post on our website that I wrote a few weeks ago.)

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