Your Real Estate Office is Local - Drum Up Business With Local Promotions

Take Your Business Out Into The Community

First and foremost, your business is local.  Your customers live in the communities that you serve (or will live there).  Don’t wait for your customers to come to you; look for ways to get in front of them. Here are a few ideas:

Host a Cookout – Invite your customers (past and present) to join your business for a celebration of summer/fall. Use your parking lot or public park and plan on catering yourself (a grill, hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, and cold drinks are fine). Look for ways to make this a worthwhile event for folks to want to join – hire a magician, moon bounce, or give away prizes. Don’t forget to offer incentives to those who attend so that they have a good reason to keep frequenting your business and recommending their friends and family.  

One of our brokerage clients recently had a grand opening event for his office, had lots of sponsored items for raffle, sold 50/50 raffle tickets, had light refreshments, a food truck, and all proceeds from the raffles went to a local fallen fireman's family of 5.  Lots of people bought lots of raffle tickets and the brokerage was able to give the family a very nice monetary gift.  Everyone felt really good about it and it got lots of community attention and participation.

Take Part in Local Markets, Events and Fairs – Many real estate brokerages sponsor booths at county fairs, community days, golf outings, etc.  Be creative and come up with ways to not only participate, but get the public to interact with you through giveaways, raffles, and raising money for local charities.  

Spoil Your Customers - What about treating a select group of loyal customers to an appreciation event.  Some events that garner a lot of interest are an afternoon at a winery, golf outing, casino night at a local establishment . . . use what you have in your community and make it a special invitation-only event.  Again, raising money for a local charity is always a good idea and will bring everybody together for a common cause.

Hold a Themed Week or Day - Get together with other local businesses in your community (not just businesses that have something to do with real estate)  like Small Business Saturday, think of ways to really showcase what your business does for one week or one-day only. You might want to use some of the tips in this blog – events, community charity participation, promotions, and giveaways – or combine them to maximize visibility and interest in what you do. You could even partner up with complementary businesses or those in the same district as you and co-market each other’s products, services and specials with fliers, coupons and teasers. Try to come up with a theme, something like “ABC Town Small Business Week,” and weave it into all your marketing and advertising.

Give Back to the Community - Community projects are a great way to build your brand and give back to the community. Why not organize or sponsor a community service day or charitable event? Pick a cause that’s a good fit for your business and reach out to the media, in addition to your own marketing, to publicize it. You can also deduct certain expenses related to any volunteer work or charitable giving.

Seasonal-ize Your Marketing Activities - Instead of the same old stuff, find ways to incorporate seasonal themes into your communications.  From your website to your email newsletter, look for ways to incorporate seasonal information and good content, like fall home maintenance tips, get your home back to school ready, holiday safety at home, etc.  Always have branded goods around for giveaways and make sure everyone who closes a transaction with you gets at least one useful giveaway.  Examples might be drink cozies, frisbees, pens and pencils, notepads, or anything that might have 'local' significance.  First and foremost YOU ARE LOCAL . . . so talk about local things, and communicate on a local level.

The strategies that work to market your local business have drastically changed over the past few years.  Social media changed the rules.  No longer can you expect to build loyalty for your company by advertising alone.  You must get involved in the community and communicate with people on a more personal level.  Your sincere desire to contribute to your community in a meaningful way may very well translate into lasting success for your company.


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