Creating Local Community Content Builds Your Search Engine Relevance

Real estate brokerages and agents should be creating unique local content on their websites that search engines can read.  Creating custom content about your community will separate you from your competition. 

By writing articles, creating pages, and blogging about your local real estate marketplace, and about activities, events and items of local interest, you are also demonstrating your local expertise.  If you've noticed when performing Google searches about an area, often articles and blogs that were recently written will pop up high in search results.  This is a good way to draw new visitors to your website and engage them interactively. 

At RealestatePointe we provide our clients with a comprehensive content management system that is integrated into every level of their website.  Not only can the client create and control their own content, they can also create search-engine-friendly URL's for every piece of content . . . thus performing their own SEO with each content post. 

We also integrate MLS IDX data so that each piece of property is loaded as it's own page with a friendly URL that has the property address, city and zip code, and is fully searchable by search engines and also by users with the sitewide keyword search.

Rather than having to go out to other blogging platforms to get started, RealestatePointe sites have blogs built in.  Clients can provide permission to any number of staffers or agents and allow them to blog and/or create pages and articles on the site.  Blog articles can easily be related to other pages throughout the site depending on the topic.

With one click articles and blogs can be shared via email, or sent to one of the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of others creating back-links to your website for more outstanding SEO.  Providing this easy sharing capability on every piece of property as well as every other piece of content in your website also allows any user to create additional back-links for you and post your site content on their social networks as well.

To learn more about RealestatePointe's website content management system platform, Contact us to arrange for an On-line Demo

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