Why use the Drupal platform for website development?

Real estate websites need to look good, be simple to navigate and easy to update quickly to reflect what's going on in your business today . . . all while performing countless complicated data tasks with speed and stability.  Real estate websites also need to be constantly evolving to stay on top of the quickly-changing world of internet technology. 

Drupal continues to prove itself time and time again as the number one content management solution, which is why it has grown over the years from a small open source community to a network of thousands of developers running millions of websites.  Drupal is the CMS of choice for medium-sized as well as enterprise-level websites and was voted the Top CMS in the World two years running. 

RealestatePointe has developed specialized tools and searches specifically for the real estate industry and a system to fully integrate the MLS IDX data into Drupal's platform . . . giving you a 'best of all worlds' web marketing solution.

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