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Integrated MLS IDX data with customized searches provide the best user experience, and long-tail URL's give your website search engine credit for thousands of pages of property data.

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Own your website . . . never lose your content and start over from scratch again.  RealestatePointe designs & maintains 'Websites for Life'.

Why Drupal CMS?

With its powerful and flexible open source platform, Drupal ensures you control, security, and peace of mind, and is the CMS of choice to run government sites all over the world, including The Whitehouse!

Start Using These 4 Facebook Business Page Features Now

Facebook has become a necessary and valuable part of a sound web marketing strategy.  You should (at minimum) have a Facebook Business Page that is set up in an optimal way, and you should be sharing your blog posts (linking users to your website), as well as posting interesting, helpful and fun real estate related content to your Page.  You should also be interacting with your Friends and Fans by Liking, Sharing and Commenting on their posts . . . being 'social'.

Here are a few not-so-well-known features of Facebook that you should learn about and start using.

1. Set Up The Call-to-Action Button
The Call-to-Action button is located on the cover photo section of your page (see image). The current choices are Shop Now, Sign Up, Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game and Watch Video.  Click on the CTA button and follow the instructions.  Most real estate brokerages use the 'Contact Us' feature to direct users to their website.

The Return of Real-Time Tweets in Google Search Results

Twitter and Google have sealed a new deal to make Twitter updates more searchable online.

Sometime within the next several months tweets will begin to be visible in Google’s search results as soon as they’re posted.  Google previously had to crawl Twitter’s site for the information, but it will now be visible automatically.  Users who are not Twitter subscribers can view live tweets in Google's search results.

If you don’t already utilize Twitter, now is a good time to start and take advantage of the opportunity to have your Tweets show up on Google as well as Twitter. Of course, there’s no guarantee that your tweets will show up in Google search results, but having a sound social plan will help you maximize your exposure on all your social media accounts.

Read all about how this change benefits Google, Twitter, and possibly your company.  Twitter Reaches Deal to Show Tweets in Google Search Results . . . BloombergBusiness with more information and explanation at Search Meets Social with Google-Twitter Deal . . . WebsiteMagazine.

Is Your Blog Helping Your Website's SEO?

Can blogging help with SEO?  Definitely, but you need to blog with a plan. Simply writing a blog post on your site won't do much if you don't have a strategy in place to promote your blogs, earn social engagement and shares, and inbound links.

Most brokers and agents have heard of the potential SEO benefits of including a blog on their websites and updating it regularly, but most don't understand why.  Why Do Blogs Help SEO?  


Instead of trying to sell us on a basic generic template, they listened to all of our concerns, answered all of our questions and helped us create a vision of how our new site would look and work.  Our Web Development Rep gave a full commitment to the project and worked hard to help us reach our mutual goal.

All throughout the various stages of our new web site construction, Patty was there. Offering her continued support and expert advice.  She helped us bring our web site ideas to reality using the most updated technology, while still keeping its customer friendly user charm. And even now, when our web site is fully functional and running, Patty is still there to answer any of our questions and promptly address any concerns we may have.

Century 21 Alliance Realty Group proudly recommends RealestatePointe to anyone in need of website design, construction or existing web site updating advice.

The new Century 21 Alliance Realty Group web site has surpassed our expectations and we are 100% satisfied with the finished product and the customer service that RealestatePointe has provided.

Joseph Pettinella, Broker/Owner, CENTURY 21 Alliance Realty Group

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