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Does Your Real Estate Website Meet Google's Quality Content Standards?

I'm sure you're aware that several months ago Google made its largest algorithm overhaul in over 10 years, Hummingbird, an overhaul that affects 90% of websites.  Google revamped its search formula to better support conversational search (with the increase of spoken mobile search), increased the accuracy for long-tail search queries, and put a greater emphasis on the Knowledge Graph.

Google makes it very clear that they make changes to their algorithm (hundreds of them per year) with the same goal in mind . . . to provide the end-user with high quality content that is most relevant to their search query.  

So what do you need to do to ensure your company's website does not become irrelevant?  . . . stay focused on quality content generation . . . focusing on frequency, freshness and uniqueness.

SEO Goals for Real Estate Websites

Google's message, as well as the focus of their efforts to produce better search experiences for users, is constant and uniform.  There is no doubt that building relevant websites with compelling and high-quality content is the key to high search rankings now and in the future.

What does that mean for your real estate website?  What should you be doing now and in the future?  The good news is . . . what you need now is the same thing you will need in the future.  Google has made it clear to webmasters that building websites with high-quality content that is relevant to users is a constant that will not change.  All other 'tactics' will become less and less effective over time.

What makes a real estate website relevant, compelling, and high-quality?  What establishes your website as an authority? 

Launch of New Hot Springs Village Community Website

Getting found on search engines is not rocket science,  The smarter search engines get, the better for websites that have legitimate sought-after content and links to resources that users want to see.  

As part of your real estate web marketing strategy, you should take a look at developing a search-engine friendly, mobile-friendly community site with lots of links to your real estate website (back and forth).  Both sites should be built on a search-engine friendly platform, and you should be blogging and posting to your social media accounts from both sites with some regularity.

Click on the photo of Century 21 HSV's new community website to get the idea.  There are links to the area IDX data housed on HSV's real estate website with fine-grained searches for homes in specific subdivisions, golf courses, and lakes.  All properties have long-tail URL's with the complete property address.  Do you know how many users search on Google for specific addresses?  It's a lot!  Who's website are they going to find when they search?  With a good web marketing strategy they will find yours!

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