Single Property Websites

The Single Most Important Reason to Have Single Property Listing Websites

Back link . . .   A back link is a link that is placed on a website that links back to your main real estate website. Back links to your main web site are one of the most important elements of search engine ranking.

By creating small affordable websites out on the Internet, far from your main site, then placing a back link to your main site, you are creating an Internet buzz. Single listing web sites are great for this because it is relevant real estate information and it makes perfect sense to link back to your main site. So this is not a 'trick' and you aren't throwing spam out on the web. Those kinds of tactics will get you in trouble. If you aren't for real, the search engines will figure out they are being mislead.

Each listing web site will create more web marketing for your listing, and a great link back to your main site. 

We offer automatically generated single-property websites for all your company's listings for a small monthly fee.  There is nothing you need to do to maintain the sites; however, they are flexible enough to allow you to assign URL aliases for any special marketing campaigns or sign riders.

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