TrafficPointe Real Estate SEO

We have been working over the past 10 years with real estate websites and specialized search engine experts to develop the best possible tools and systems to ensure our clients' websites are found by search engines and customers. 

It has always been our goal to help the individual real estate broker have an effective presence on the web and be included in the top search engine results for their service area.  This has not been an easy job . . . the technologies and competition change continuously, and companies like, Trulia, and other large data aggregators are all vying for the top spots. 

So where does that leave the local brokers?  There are many ways brokerages can help themselves accomplish this task, and it is our resolve to be a valuable part of that process . . . through the use of the right technology and expertise in both real estate data and search engine marketing. 

If your website is built in a search-engine-friendly way, with all the IDX data fully searchable, if you are adding new text content to your website on a regular basis, and if you are creating back-links to your website . . . that's all optimizing your website. 

If your website is not built in an optimized way and it is a locked up proprietary system that can't be easily accessed or changed, then much much more SEO work is necessary, which costs extra money, and may leave you with disappointing results.

We approach the issue of our clients' ranking with sound Internet ethics in mind.  We do not practice spamming, keyword stuffing, false link networks and other unsavory techniques that may lead to black listing.  Our mission is to match our clients' website services to the web users who need them.  We do what it takes to make that happen without having to resort to the trickery or 'dark' tactics that many have used.

Here is a basic overview of our TrafficPointe ™ Search Engine Optimization services. 

  • Benchmark current state in the search engines.
  • Keyword research and analysis for your specific market area.
  • Competitive analysis for the main keywords.
  • Customized Optimization of homepage and other key pages.
  • Submission to appropriate search engines and directories.
  • Google Analytics set up and management.
  • Quarterly keyword analysis to ensure you're up to date with search trends.
  • Web Marketing accounts monitored and tuned on a weekly basis.

Other features are available for accounts that need to be more aggressive.  After our analysis of your market, these services will be recommended if needed.

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